Home Energy Solutions

The Wills Company knows a healthy house is a happy and efficient home. In 2012, we began conducting in-Home Energy Assessments for our clients to determine how much energy is used and detail what improvements need to be made in order to save money and enhance the overall health of the structure.

An example of a comprehensive assessment includes:
  • A blower door test to determine how drafty your home is.
  • The use of an infrared thermography camera to show defects in your insulation and subsequent air leakage.
  • An appliance safety test to determine whether any of the combustion appliances (water heaters, fireplaces, etc.), are back-drafting their byproducts into your home. 
  • A detailed report with cost-effective home improvement recommendations.
  • Testing of your HVAC system to ensure the system has adequate airflow and that conditioned air is being placed properly to provide comfort and peak performance.
Mike Fishbeck, a Wills Company Handyman since 2001, is a Certified Building Analyst Professional and conducts all of our In-Home Energy Assessments.
The Wills Company is even a member of the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Quality Contractor Network. Call to find out how we can make these improvements tax deductible.