Maintenance Plan

At Your Service: The Handyman and Home Maintenance Program

Some things just have to get done.

You need to change your air filters, clean your gutters and wash your windows, too; but it's easy to forget. Your to-do list is never ending. How would you like to put your home maintenance on autopilot?

When you have a maintenance plan with The Wills Company, you get to choose from our a la carte menu of services; and we'll do as much or as little as you want. We can buff hardwood floors, fix damaged doors or repair shutters, just to name a few of our more popular services. We can even do a complete, annual, exterior inspection of your house to check for signs of wood rot which you'd likely never find on your own until it is too late.

The bottom line is that your maintenance plan is whatever you want it to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a home maintenance plan?

Every homeowner needs a home maintenance plan. Think of it like flossing your teeth or changing the oil in your car. When you have us inspect your house and correct problems while they are small, it saves you money in the long run. A small plumbing leak can be easily repaired now, or you can wait until it's ruined your hardwood floors.

My home is less than five years old. So I don't need a home maintenance plan. Right?

All homes, whether they are six months or sixty years old, need regular maintenance to operate at their best. Just like when you buy a new car, you still need to get it serviced regularly.

But, I thought The Wills Company only worked big jobs?

Our projects range from whole-house remodels to small repairs and updates. EIther way, we work on your home with a lifetime approach. Not only will we remodel your home to improve its beauty and livability, but our handymen can maintain it to protect your investment.

How do I choose the right plan?

We will help you customize your own maintenance plan. While one homeowner may want only his or her deck stained every spring, another may want multiple projects done throughout the year such as HVAC servicing, roof inspections or driveway pressure washing. We have some clients who have us string Christmas lights as part of their home maintenance contract. It's truly whatever you want it to be.

How often should I clean my gutters?

Probably more often than you are cleaning them now. There is no one right interval for gutter cleaning for every home. It depends on how many and what kind of trees you have around it. Some houses can get away with a cleaning twice a year. Others need it six times a year.

How much does a maintenance plan cost?

Just as a plan is customized, so is the price based on your selections. The bottom line is that you will know that cost up front and be able to plan for it proactively, versus being blindsided along the way!

How does the billing work?

We will compile the total, annual costs for the work you choose and average it out on a monthly basis. That way, you can budget for it just as you would any of your monthly bills.

With whom will I be working?

Our office will schedule your work with and a handyman will be assigned to your home. Primarily, he or she will be the person coming each month to take care of projects on your list.

And so you can have piece of mind, we screen our employees through background checks and drug testing. Also, each and every Wills Company employee and tradesperson who walks onto your property will be properly insured. This is important to you because if your handyman does not have the proper workers compensation and liability insurance and gets hurt while working at your home, you can be held liable. Homeowners take a huge risk when they have uninsured or underinsured people working in their houses.

Do I need to be home when you come?

You don't have to be unless you want to. We'll call you each month to coordinate a timeline that is convenient.

How do we get started?

Your Account Manager will help you select which services are going to work best for you. Once you sign up for a plan, you don't have to think about it again. You don't call us; we'll call you!