Voted #1 Design-Build in Nashville by the Nashville Scene year after year!

The Wills Company is an award winning, design, remodeling and handyman firm located in West Nashville.  By design-build we mean we handle all aspects of a residential remodel from beginning to end.  Our residential projects range from whole-house remodels to small repairs and updates. Proud home owners in Belle Meade, West Meade, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Franklin, and East Nashville value the integrity of design and the quality of construction which has earned the Wills Company its reputation as the trusted source for remodeling and maintenance.   


As you consider the options, take a moment and learn what makes The Wills Company your best partner.

Q: Why should people remodel versus buying a new home to get what they want? 

It all depends on what the homeowner is looking for. Many people like their home, but they are cramped or were promised something they didn't get. In that case, a remodel can be a great solution. 

Q: How is the Wills Company different from another remodeling company? 

We are your ONE SOURCE for a remodeling project. We design it, we build and we maintain it. This means, not only are you spared many extra expenses, we keep your project within your stated budget since we have a deep understanding of the cost of producing it.  Our homeowners sign a fixed cost contract so that they know what they are getting without any hidden costs.  

Q: Is Ridley Wills an architect? 

He went to architecture school but did not only focus on architecture. He wants to see a project from the beginning to the end and ensure it's done right within your budget. 

Q: What is your approach to large scale project?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Our jobs are well-defined, estimated with exhausting detail, and adhere to a strict timeframe. Part of our value proposition is rigorous attention to the planning process.  We drive it, you sit back and ride.  

Q: Do you use a project supervisor to oversee projects?

Yes.  However, if your project is of a size that does not merit a dedicated supervisor, we adjust accordingly to keep your cost down.

Q: Do you have employees, or do you hire subcontractors?

Both.  We have a trusted team of designers, project managers, and skilled tradesmen, but for specialty trades, we hire reliable and insured providers.  

Q: May I have a copy of your worker's compensation and liability insurance certificates?

ABSOLUTELY.  The state of Tennessee requires that general contractors carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance for all their employees and for all subcontractors who do not carry their own insurance.   

Q: How do you ensure that all subcontractors carry the proper insurance?

That's our job.  Many clients do not realize the risk involved in hiring a firm who either ignores this or does a sloppy job of staying on top of the requirements.  If this not handled properly, you, as the client, will be held liable in the event of an accident.

Q: May I have a copy of your contractor’s license?


Q: Do you warrant your work?

Yes, we have fully warranted all our jobs.

Q: Will you clean up the job site on a daily basis?

We are meticulous when it comes to maintaining a clean jobsite.  It is important for safety and the overall organization of the job.

Q: How long have you been in business?

24 years.  Believe us, we've learned a few things along the way.  You will be the beneficiary.  

Q: Why should I hire The Wills Company?

Reliability.  You can rely on us throughout the entire process and even after the project is complete and you have a handyman need. We want our clients to stick with us, so we will do what it takes to gain that trust. 

Q: May I have a list of references for projects you have completed which are similar to mine?

Please!  Our past clients can fill you in and we rely on their opinion in order to continuously improve.   This is an essential stage of qualifying the right company for your project. Here are just a few questions to ask previous clients:

  • Could you communicate well with the contractor?

  • Were you pleased with the quality of work? (This is a tough question, since everyone defines "quality" differently. It is much better to ask to see the completed project to determine the level of quality for yourself.)

  • Were you satisfied with the contractor’s business practices?

  • Did the crew show up on time?

  • Were you comfortable with the subcontractors on your project?

  • Was the job completed on schedule?

  • Did the contractor fulfill his or her contract?

  • Did the contractor stay in touch with you throughout the project?

  • Were the final details finished in a timely manner?

  • Would you use the contractor again without hesitation? (This is probably the most important question you can ask.)

We recommend and hope you will speak with a minimum of three references.